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UK Building Surveying Services

Building Surveys are a detailed inspection providing a thorough, comprehensive and informative report on the condition of your prospective purchase.

MKN Surveyors have experience in surveying a wide range of buildings but with a particular level of experience and interest in any properties constructed pre-world war 2. We have experience in medieval timber framed property and Listed Buildings of all types from Coast to Mountain.

All types of property with the exception of high rise and modern clad buildings are surveyed. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation.

We carry out four levels of Building Survey report:

  • Level 3 Survey: This is the most comprehensive survey and investigates all parts of the property and is equivalent to what was call a structural survey report.
  • Level 2 Survey with Valuation: These were called a HomeBuyer Report. They are still fairly comprehensive but not quite as detailed as the level 3 Survey report. This survey includes a valuation and an estimate of the rebuild costs for insurance purposes.
  • Level 2 Survey without valuation: As above but without the valuations where you are confident that you are paying the market price for the building.
  • Level 1 Surveys: These were called Condition Reports. They give a basic insight to the condition of the property and are particularly of use as a snagging list for new build where some of the Builders guarantee may remain.

Surveys are generally completed within 2–3 weeks of being booked. You will receive the report within 5 working days of the site visit. Reports are easy to read with no excessive technical language. We are available for follow up queries after you have received your survey report, so you can be sure of what is being said and confirm anything you are unsure of.

We arrange the survey with the Estate Agent and/or the vendor so you don’t have to.

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