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Listed & Heritage Building Surveys

We have worked with many historic buildings in their repair and maintenance. The buildings range in age from buildings of the 1960s back to properties with Roman origins and foundations.

Working with historic buildings for repair and maintenance.

We have surveyed and reported on Richard the Lion Hearts castle in France, Moated farm houses, castles in Yorkshire, Timber framed buildings in the shambles in York, Grade 2 Listed Buildings in London.

Traditional Buildings present challenges not present in post war buildings. It is important to confirm that the correct materials to repair the buildings have been used, and what measures to take to ensure the longevity of the property for future generations. MKN Surveyors will Survey and advise. The experience comes from managing a Country property with over 2000 listed structures including Castles, a priory and bronze age burial sites to working with English Heritage, Bâtiments de France and the English National Park authorities, plus heritage officers at the various council offices.

We can find you heritage builders and supervise any work carried out.

It is important on UK listed buildings to confirm any recent works have been carried out with the required consent. We can advise which works need to be checked by your legal advisor to confirm Listed Building consent was applied for. This is important, as future owners of listed buildings can be made to undo inappropriate work carried out by past owners, which could be very expensive to put right. A prime example being window replacement.

Listed and Heritage Building Surveys Listed and Heritage Building Surveys 2

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